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Director of Energy Service, Solon Kassinis, on offshore drilling
2011-09-21 11:13:20

Under-sea drilling to explore any hydrocarbon reserves in Cyprus` Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) will enter its second stage on Wednesday evening, Director of the Energy Service at the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Solon Kassinis stated.

In an interview with the London Greek Radio (LGR), Mr. Kassinis related that US company `Noble Energy` has already begun exploration ``without any problems``, adding that the first stage of drilling has already been concluded.

He also reiterated that any natural resources found in Cyprus’ EEZ would be to the benefit of all legitimate citizens of the Republic of Cyprus. “Nobody questions the fact that this wealth would be to the benefit of all legitimate inhabitants of Cyprus. We have expressed this position several times”, he underlined.

Asked when the first results will be known, the Cypriot official stated that this could take two to three months.

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