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Cyprus at Euronight 2011!
2011-09-27 13:15:17

For the fourth year in a row, the Embassies of the EU Member States in Washington, D.C. took part in the "Euro Night 2011" festival, hosted by the Embassy of France. Featuring more than 20 EU Member States embassies, each showcasing its respective culture, traditions and culinary specialties,"Euronight" was attended by upwards of 1300 people who had the chance to enjoy live music while taking a cultural tour around Europe, feasting on national dishes and discovering European traditions!

The Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus took part, once again, in the celebration hailed by most to be the "best diplomatic party in D.C." The Cypriot booth was well attended and featured our national cheese delicacy, “Halloumi”, the traditional dessert, “Soujoukos” (made of grape juice, wheat and almonds), the lovely sweet dessert wine, “Commandaria”, as well as local red and white wines.

Pamphlets were also distributed during the event, showcasing Cypriot history, culture and the ongoing political problem of the illegal Turkish occupation, while the traditional male garment ("Vraka") was also featured as evidenced by the photo!

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