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Rep. Dan Burton meets with President Christofias in Nicosia
2011-09-29 10:52:04

Representative and member of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee, Dan Burton, praised the dedication of the President of Cyprus in his continued efforts to find a political settlement to the Cyprus problem, adding that President Christofias is diligently working towards a solution that would be agreeable to everybody.

In statements he made following his meeting with the President, Rep. Burton said that President Christofias gave him a very thorough briefing “on the problems in Cyprus”, and expressed the hope that “things work out in the not too distant future so everybody will be happy with the outcome”.

“It is a very difficult situation that they have been dealing with for a long time and they are working hard on it and we wish them the very best”, he added.

Congressman Burton also noted that he was briefed on the recent Turkish actions in Cyprus` EEZ and hydrocarbon explorations, adding that he had also met with the Turkish PM, with whom he discussed the issue. “ There is a different view of course from the Turkish leadership and this is something that we hope that will be resolved by the Turkish Cypriots and the Greek Cypriots”, he stated.

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