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President Christofias on Turkish threats and upcoming EU Presidency
2011-10-25 08:41:26

President Christofias stated that despite Turkish threats against Cyprus and the negative stance of the Turkish side in the negotiations, the struggle to solve the Cyprus problem will continue. He noted that the government will continue to defend the Republic of Cyprus' sovereign rights, while preparations of the EU Cypriot Presidency will intensify.

The president underlined the need for unity in the domestic front, especially now that he will be traveling to New York for his meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon and Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu.

Addressing a crowd at a concert entitled “Above all, Cyprus”, President Christofias noted that Turkey has been culminating its provocations and aggressiveness towards Cyprus and threatens the Republic of Cyprus which has launched research for hydrocarbons in the island’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

President Christofias also pointed out that the Turkish side maintains a negative stance at the ongoing talks aiming to solve the Cyprus problem.

"Turkey's non constructive behavior at the negotiating table reduces prospects for a settlement", he noted, adding that "we have no right to abandon our struggle and compromise with the occupation and the division."

He affirmed that he "will continue [our] struggle aiming to lift all obstacles and reach a settlement," noting that "we will stop to face Turkey’s negativity by continuing our intense mobilization worldwide. We will continue to defend our principles, remaining, however, realistic at the negotiating table."

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