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CIVEX President Luc Van den Brande says there is no reason for Turkish troops to remain in Cyprus
2011-10-25 09:07:45

Luc Van den Brande, the President of the Committee of the Region's CIVEX Commission for citizenship, governance, institutional and external affairs, expressed his concern and his opposition over Turkey’s threats to freeze its relations with the European Union throughout the Cyprus EU Presidency, in the second term of 2012.

According to an announcement realeased by the Cyprus delegation to the Committee of the Regions, Mr. Van den Brande also stated that he saw no reason for the existence of Turkish troops on the island of Cyprus.

Referring to the transfer of settlers from Anatolia to the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus, the CIVEX President noted that this is a real and important problem even though some insist to overlook it.

He added that the negotiating chapters with Turkey that have not yet opened should remain closed, while noting that the European Union should continue to work on chapters that are open.

The CIVEX session took place on October 18, in Brussels, following a session in the Cyprus capital, Nicosia, where the members of the Committee had the chance to witness the situation in the occupied city of Famagusta , as well as in the whole of Cyprus.

Cyprus was represented during the CIVEX session by Nicosia Municipal Council Member Eleni Loukaidou.

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