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President addresses 7th International Conference on Terrorism and Electronic Media
2011-10-25 09:28:50

Terrorism and the role of the media in its various aspects will be discussed during the 7th International Conference on Terrorism and Electronic Media, organized by the International Academy of Television and Radio, in Cyprus.

In an address at the opening ceremony of the Conference earlier today, read out by Government Spokesman Stephanos Stephanou, President Christofias relayed that terrorism can be effectively tackled when the international community unites as terrorism has no nationality.

He also noted that the media can actively contribute to the international campaign against terrorism and referred to the role of the internet, which he said could be considered as "a rising power."

Furthermore, the president alluded to the Cyprus problem, noting that the island remains a victim of the illegal Turkish invasion of 1974 and occupation, and that the people of Cyprus deserve better.

The president's statement concluded that the struggle to reunify  the island, through a solution based on UN resolutions and the principles of international and European law, still goes on.

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