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EU Foreign Ministers urge Turkey to work towards securing solution to the Cyprus problem
2011-12-02 11:29:29

In an article in the EU Observer entitled ''The EU and Turkey: steering a safer path through the storms'' the European Union Foreign Ministers point out that a Cyprus settlement would have benefits extending well beyond the island, from improving aviation safety to making EU-NATO co-operation more efficient.

They also underline that "Turkey must also work to support a Cyprus settlement, and open its ports to the Republic of Cyprus as it has committed to do."

The EU Foreign Ministers further note that negotiations on a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem have now reached an intensive phase and add that they "welcome the commitment of President Christofias and Dr. Eroglu to work within the UN framework for a successful outcome."

They additionally point out that "Turkey’s accession process is of vital strategic and economic importance for both the European Union and Turkey."

In conclusion, the eleven EU Foreign Ministers indicated that they also "welcome Turkey’s commitment to continuing reforms to meet its European goal" and offer the country "their full support."

The aforementioned article is signed by the Foreign Ministers of Lithuania, Sweden, Latvia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Estonia and the UK.

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