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The Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus signs Green Energy and Sustainabillity Pledge
2012-02-06 09:59:37

More than 45 embassies and international institutes joined the District of Columbia, the Royal Netherlands Embassy and the U.S. Department of State’s Greening Embassies Forum on Tuesday, January 31, 2012, at the Royal Netherlands Embassy to sign a pledge to pursue sustainability initiatives in the field of Transportation, Energy & Building, Water Conservation, Waste Reduction, Eco-Purchasing, Jobs & Community, Training, and Reporting & Action.

The pledge highlights the diplomatic community’s commitment of support to the District’s environmental and sustainability goals. The District currently ranks among the top 10 greenest cities in the nation. With more than 175 embassies representing nations from around the world, DC also enjoys one of the world’s highest densities of foreign missions within its jurisdiction.

Mayor, Vincent C. Gray, in his speech stated that collaboration between the international community and the District of Columbia will deliver real benefits and improve the quality of life for District residents and the thousands of international citizens who make the District their home.

Under Secretary of the U.S Department of State, Patrick Kennedy, agreed and underlined that this pledge is extremely special because it wraps the aspirations of our institutions with that of the local community. We should all recognize, he noted, that we not only work in the District but leave an impact and footprint means we must work in parallel with the city and join forces to a common goal - by doing so, we are not only international organizations but local contributors and sponsors to the community from whom we gain so much.

Prior to the signing ceremony, the Royal Netherlands Embassy hosted the “Neighbors in Sustainability” workshop. Topics consisted of renewable energy, energy benchmarking, low-impact development and the River Smart program (where Embassies and the District work together in making storm water management more sustainable).

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