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Mayor Glafkos Cariolou presents “Alexander’s Mermaid and the ship of Kyrenia” in Washington, D.C
2012-06-27 14:58:47

The remarkable optical-biomatic presentation headed by Mayor of Kerynia Glafkos Cariolou has been illustrated to the students of two schools in the greater Washington, D.C. area, namely at Potomac Greek School and Stoddert Elementary School, on 05/06/2012 and 06/06/12, respectively.

The presentation, which was designed for children of 5 to 12 years old, is based on the tale of Alexander the Great and his sister Salonika, who has been transformed to a mermaid by the Gods and her relationship with the ancient ship of Kyrenia, a merchantman sailing from the Achaean town of Kyrenia to Tyre.

The highly interactive nature of Mr. Cariolou’s presentation helped teach participating children how ancient Hellenes used to sail their ships across the seas using square sails. During this process, children were guided through the use of origami to construct a small scaled Kyrenia ship made of paper. They found themselves pleasantly surprised to discover how the captain of Kyrenia uses his “smartphone” to communicate with the Kyrenia port authorities to get his ship towed-in-port (smartphone - a giant horn-shell making a deep sound to alert the ancient port authorities!). The presentation, apart from the tale, included a more scientific approach of the story of the ancient ship of Kyrenia commencing from the discovery of the ship to the experimental voyages, but also briefly explained to the kids the current situation of the illegal occupation of Kerynia by the Turkish military forces.

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