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2012 Kids Euro Festival - “Alexander’s Mermaid and the ship of Kyrenia
2012-11-01 08:52:49

Kids Euro Festival is seen as the largest children's performing arts festival in the United States and will be here from October 17-November 14 with 250 free performances, workshops, films, and more for Metro area children and their families!

“Alexander’s Mermaid and the ship of Kyrenia” will be representing Cyprus at this year's diverse Kids festival. This highly interactive, optical-biomatic presentation, headed by Mayor of Kerynia Glafkos Cariolou, is designed for children of 5 to 12 years old and is based on the tale of Alexander the Great and his sister Salonika.

What would you do if your sister was suddenly made into a mermaid? That is the question: The legendary Alexander the Great — an army general who ruled a big empire a long time ago — still couldn’t stop the Greek Gods from making his sister Salonika half-human, half-fish! After her brother died, Salonika roamed the seas, wrecking the ships of many sailors — and you can learn about the most famous of them all, the ancient ship of Kyrenia that sailed from Cyprus to Tyre!

You may visit the Kids Euro Festival website for more information at www.kidseurofestival.org/index.php

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