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TODAY'S EVENT IS CANCELLED DUE TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN - Cyprus Figures” on canvas on Capitol Hill - October 1, 2013 at 6pm
2013-09-20 14:28:04

The Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Washington, D.C. with the support of Cyprus Federation of America will celebrate on October 1, the National Day of Cyprus marked on that date, with a photo exhibition on the Capitol Hill entitled «Cyprus Figures: cultural diversity - convergence and coexistence» by Antigoni Solomonidou Droussiotou.

Moreover, from 8-11 October, 2013, the exhibition will be presented at the United Nations Headquarters in New York by the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Cyprus to the United Nations and the General Consulate of Cyprus in New York, with the support of the Cyprus Federation of America. Archbishop Demetrios of America will open the exhibition on Tuesday October 8, at 6 pm.

"On behalf of the many clergy and laity in the United States who continuously pray and labor for the people of Cyprus, I extend heartfelt congratulations to Ms. Antigoni Solomonidou Droussiotou for her very touching offering in this exhibit," Archbishop Demetrios says in his message included in a catalogue that will be distributed during the exhibition and adds: " These visual manifestations from a tragically divided land move all of us to a deeper level of truly existential experience. They take us beyond the realm of conflict among nations and of international discussions and debates to the real humanity and diachronic cultural beauty of Cyprus. These photographs vividly portray the stories and the lives of people, and they strongly invite us to intensify and enhance our efforts in promoting peace, justice and reconciliation in Cyprus and throughout the world.”

"This event certainly will bring so many together who share a love of Cyprus and her people”, emphasizes Archbishop Demetrios of America, and expresses the hope that as these photographs are viewed and discussed the bonds that we share be strengthened so that we will continue to offer all that is noble and true and holy for the benefit of our beloved Cyprus.

There will be 50 photos on canvas, the most recent work of Antigoni Solomonidou Droussiotou, who when describing her feelings in the catalogue says: "Walking on my land, my country. Moments frozen in a black and white snap, registering people, landscapes and mountain outlines descending into the sea. Churches leaning on mosques. People, strikingly similar and at the same time so very different. A segment of life now becomes a tangible document.”

This is “her own Cyprus”, as she says “A tiny little spot, barely visible on the globe, inhabited by a population equal in number to that of a big city neighborhood and yet a meeting place of different cultures, religions and norms. I depict the present hoping to invest in a better future. Frequent tears fill my eyes whenever I tread on places, up to that moment vaguely known to me, principally through descriptions. From this journey I try to cast aside the grief by savoring people’s smiles which fill me hope. A selection of pictures from this journey, figures from a distant corner of the Mediterranean, in Metropolitan New York, the indisputable symbol of multicultural coexistence.”

The exhibition is sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Washington and the Consulate General in NY, the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Cyprus to the UN, the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture and it is kindly supported by the Cyprus Federation of America.

Antigoni Solomonidou Droussiotou Bio

Antigone Solomonidou Drousiotou is a journalist and photographer. She studied «Documentary Photography» in Wales UK and since 1977 she practices photography. She has made 15 solo exhibitions in Cyprus, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, England, Belgium (European Commission, Berlaymont President’s Gallery and European Council, Lex Building). She participated in various group exhibitions and she represented Cyprus in different biennale and at international exhibitions and has won three international awards. She has published three photographic books. She lives and works in Limassol.

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