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Written statement by the Government Spokesman - November 9, 2013
2013-11-11 14:11:48

The efforts to reach agreement on a joint declaration will continue. We hope that there will be an agreement on the joint declaration that will include the basic principles of a solution to the Cyprus problem, as these are established by the UN resolutions. As the President of the Republic has repeatedly made clear, these principles are the basic prerequisite in order for substantive negotiations to start without the problems of the past, but with a prospect toward completion and without us being led towards negotiations for the sake of negotiations. Our side, as it has done so far, will continue to attend the consultations in good faith and with constructive disposition, aiming for an agreement on the joint declaration, which will furnish a prospect for a meeting between the two leaders and for the commencement of a substantive and effective dialogue.

Source: Press and Information Office

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