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Rolandis discusses Cyprus-US cooperation with Klosson
2002-09-23 22:23:26

Nicosia, Sep 23 (CNA) - Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Nicos Rolandis met today with US Ambassador to Cyprus Michael Klosson, with whom he exchanged views on Cyprus-US cooperation in the fields of technology, trade and tourism.

Speaking after the meeting, Rolandis said trade between the two countries was "at quite a high level, reaching about 400 million dollars per annum", most of it in the form of exports from the US to Cyprus.|

Rolandis said Cyprus is already promoting certain products abroad, such as the traditional "halloumi" cheese, which "has gradually started to rise in the American market".

On tourism, Rolandis said he elaborated on efforts to connect Cyprus and the US with flights in cooperation with another country, such as Lebanon. He said Klosson promised to look into the matter himself.

"There are still some problems but we will try to overcome them, because a direct connection would be valuable", he said. Rolandis said a possible route would be from New York to Beirut and vice versa via Larnaca, an issue he brought up during his recent visit to Lebanon.

Referring to the sector of technology, Rolandis said this was of great interest to the Americans and that he would be in the United States next month to sign the first technology agreement with Albany University.

Rolandis noted that this would be "the first time we will have technological support and communication on high technology".

He added that a similar agreement has already been signed with Greece and that the Indian Prime Minister would be in Cyprus on October 8 to sign two agreements, one on high technology and the other on information.

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