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Written statement by the Government Spokesman Mr Nikos Christodoulides, May 22, 2014
2014-05-28 13:16:02

Having evaluated the content of today’s talks and having taken under consideration the publicly expressed positions of the Vice President of the U.S., Mr Joe Biden, upon his arrival in Cyprus, as well as during the official luncheon, our assessment of the visit to the Republic of Cyprus as a historic one is fully vindicated, after having noted the following:

First, the confirmation of the unwavering position of the Unites States, as well of the entire international community, as regards the recognition of a single and only state entity in Cyprus, the Republic of Cyprus and its lawful Government.

Second, the enhanced U.S. interest in the effort to end the occupation and reunify Cyprus, a member state of the United Nations and the European Union, on the basis of a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation with political equality, as defined in the relevant Security Council resolutions and the High Level Agreements and provided by in the Joint Communiqué of 11 February.

Third, the acknowledgment that substantial and bold confidence building measures, such as those described in the known proposal of the President of the Republic, will give a new impetus to the dialogue underway and revive the hopes of the people of Cyprus for the attainment of a solution as soon as possible.

Fourth, the recognition of the inalienable sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus to explore and exploit its natural wealth within its Exclusive Economic Zone. In this respect, Turkey is called upon to refrain from any actions which are contrary to international law.

Fifth, the acknowledgment of the upgraded geostrategic role that Cyprus can play in achieving peace and stability in the particularly important region of the Eastern Mediterranean. At the same time, support is being expressed for the Republic’s strategic goal to achieve regional security, peace and stability, as well as to promote the vital interests of our allies and partners.

Sixth, the acknowledgment of the role that the Republic of Cyprus can play as an alternative energy corridor, not only for the region but for Europe in general.

Seventh, the recognition of the titanic effort of the Cyprus Government and people for economic recovery. In this context, there is potential for the strengthening of bilateral economic relations between the Republic of Cyprus and the USA in specific areas as well as for the provision of technical assistance by the USA in the Republic’s areas of interest.

Eighth, the recognition of the need for further strengthening of the newly established strategic relationship between the Republic of Cyprus and the USA in specific areas of mutual interest.

Ninth, the understanding of the particularities of the Cypriot economy in the discussions taking place in relation to possible further sanctions in response to the crisis in Ukraine, as well as the need for taking into account, before taking any decision, the consequences of the implementation of such sanctions, inter alia, on the energy, trade and banking sectors of EU member states.

We consider that the meetings with the American Vice-President were decisive for the further strengthening of our relations with the USA, as well as with the rest of the US’s strategic partners in the Eastern Mediterranean region, towards creating political, economic and energy alliances.

The most important is the upgrading of the strategic relationship with the USA which we hope that will bear fruit in the near future to the benefit of both sides.

It should be noted that the dialogue for a stronger strategic partnership with the U.S. will continue at all levels towards mutual benefit, without this adversely affecting our traditional and historic relations with other friendly countries, permanent and non-permanent members of the Security Council, as well as EU Member States.

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