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US Dep. Assist. Secretary for Energy Diplomacy gives strong push to Cyprus natural gas prospects
2014-07-07 13:00:50

Washington has followed up on US vice president Joe Biden's visit with yet another thumbs' up for the island's energy future and more importantly support over the right to exploit natural resources in its exclusive economic zone.

US Undersecretary of State Amos Hochstein made clear that Cyprus is a growing player on the regional board and can grow to become a key factor of energy security in Europe and beyond.

The Americans reiterated that such wealth must be equally shared between the two communities after a settlement and linked the natural gas discoveries with a much needed incentive to push ongoing UN-sponsored Cyprus settlement talks forward.

Nicosia welcomed the move as reaffirming Washington's support for the country's sovereignty and the excellent relations which Cyprus enjoys in the energy field both with the US and Europe as well as its neighbours.

Egypt also slipped into the equation with a former energy official accusing Turkey of seeking to alter continental shelf lines in the region in order to suit its interests.

Source: http://incyprus.philenews.com

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