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Kasoulides calls for implementation of UN resolutions on Iraq
2002-09-24 14:58:21

Nicosia, Sep 24 (CNA) - Minister of Foreign Affairs Ioannis Kasoulides said today that Cyprus supports the implementation of all UN resolutions on Iraq, without prejudice.

Earlier today, Britain's High Commissioner to Cyprus, Lyn Parker, handed Kasoulides a Foreign Office dossier including evidence and facts about Iraq's programmes to acquire weapons of mass destruction. A letter accompanied the dossier from British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.

''Cyprus is a victim of non-implementation of UN resolutions. We consider that peace, security and international legality can only be achieved with the implementation of Security Council resolutions'', he said.|

He pointed out that in Iraq's case, Cyprus is especially sensitive because it is directly affected if in the area UN resolutions are being violated with the existence or production of weapons, which might eventually be used against a neighbouring country.

''At the same time we wish to see UN resolutions being implemented to avoid the use of force, and hope that a war which will have economic repercussions will be avoided in our area'', he said.

Commenting on a statement in the dossier, which explicitly says Iraq maintains weapons that might target the British Bases in Cyprus, Kasoulides pointed out that the statement says the weapons ''could reach Cyprus".

The best prevention, Kasoulides said, is the cooperation of all members of the international community in implementing UN resolutions.

Stuart Summers, spokesman of the British High Commission, told CNA ''the dossier speaks for itself, it demonstrates Iraq's capacity to threaten not only the immediate neighbourhood but also further afield, including the borders of Europe''.

''The whole of the Eastern Mediterranean falls within range of missiles which the dossier assesses Saddam Hussein as possessing or seeking to develop'', he added.

He further said the reference in the dossier ''is not only to Cyprus, but also to Greece, Turkey and Iraq's Gulf neighbours and Israel''.

''Furthermore, Saddam Hussein has had missile capability since before the Gulf War'', he added.

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