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Scholarship application for Cypriot college students
2015-01-26 14:18:04

As in the past the Panpaphian Association is offering scholarships to Cypriot descent students (either born in Cyprus or born in the US from Cypriot parents) that are attending US accredited Universities. You may download a copy of the application at www.panpaphianusa.org.

Over the past years the organization been awarding about $20k -$30k in total awards per year and between $1,000 - $5,000 per student.

The application deadline is March 1, 2015 and awards will be announced during the Panpaphian Annual Dinner Dance on March 27, 2015

For additional info you can email the following individuals:

George Sophocleous, President gsophocleous@elyons.com

Joanna Kyriacou, Secretary j_kyriacou@hotmail.com

Michael Hadjiloucas, Past President MikeHadjiloucas@verizon.net

On behalf of George Sophocleous, President Panpaphian Association of America, Inc.

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