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Statement by the UNSG’s special adviser on Cyprus on the resumption of talks - 5/11/2015
2015-05-12 08:10:34

Tonight’s dinner between the two leaders, Mr Anastasiades and Mr Akinci, accompanied by their negotiators, Mr Nami and Mr Mavroyiannis, and together with Mrs Lisa Buttenheim and myself was conducted in a very positive atmosphere.

The two leaders developed and shared the vision for the future of Cyprus. In the spirit of the Joint Declaration of the 11th of February 2014, they agreed that it was important to use the momentum created and this new opportunity to move forward without delay.

The leaders expressed their strong commitment, joint commitment to move forward in a constructive and dedicated manner and for that reason they agreed to hold the first leader’s meeting on Friday the 15th of May to go through a general exchange of views and to agree on the modalities for the structuring and the frequency of the meetings.

I want to add from my side that I think this is a unique opportunity, an opportunity that will be grasped and it is truly rewarding to work with two leaders with such a strong commitment to seeing a sheer challenge that can only be solved through a shared effort to find a shared solution.

And I very much look forward to the continuation and as you have understood we will start working and working hard already in the morning of the 15th of May, this coming Friday.

Source: Press and Information Office

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