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Cyprus makes 100,000 donation to the Council of Europe Development Bank to address refugee crisis
2015-09-18 09:04:03

The Council of Ministers has approved a grant of €100,000 to the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) in support of the creation of a special fund to deal with the refugee crisis. This was announced today by the Minister of Finance, Mr Harris Georgiades, who was speaking to reporters, at the Ministry of Finance, together with the Governor of the CEB, Mr Rolf Wenzel, who is currently paying a visit to Cyprus. Saying that this is a symbolic amount, Mr Georgiades noted that “it constitutes a tangible confirmation of the Cyprus Government’s interest in the matter and the determination of the Council of Europe member states to support the Bank.”

For his part, Mr Wenzel said he was grateful for the support, which is “a strong signal of Cyprus’ commitment to the social values of the Council of Europe and a strong signal that Cyprus is indeed supporting the Council of Europe Development Bank.”

Referring to the Bank’s activities in Cyprus, Mr Wenzel said: “We have a number of ongoing projects, and I discussed with the Minister of the Education and Culture, the Central Bank yesterday, the Director of the University of Cyprus and today with the Minister of Finance and the President on what we can do together in the future.”

Invited to give examples of future and current projects, the CEB Governor said: “We are looking into projects in the area of education. We also have ongoing projects and disbursements that need to be made to support the Municipality of Nicosia. There are also projects in the environment sector in Limassol and in the sector of primary school education across Cyprus.”

Asked to say if Cyprus is the first CoE member state that responded to the call to support the fund for refugees and migrants, Mr Wenzel said: “Cyprus is the first country that makes this public announcement. I am sure that other countries will follow because Cyprus has set a very good example of solidarity and support to the social values of the CoE and showed a sign of solidarity in these difficult times.”

Source: Press and Information Office

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