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Embassy News

2017-04-05 10:33:31


The Toledo Museum of Art has decided to deaccession some 145 ancient artifacts, some of them Cypriot and has decided to offer the antiquities for sale to other museums first. In reference to this and deaccessioning in general, and given that such artifacts are cultural heritage objects rather than design pieces for collectors, the Embassy of Cyprus has conveyed the following recommendations to the Museum:
The Toledo Museum of Art and other museums should consider adopting a protocol for cases of deaccessioning;
The objects up for deaccessioning should be offered for sale to other museums first and subsequently to educational and commercial institutions, such as banks, etc., that undertake to keep them in public view on their premises. 
Deaccessioned artifacts should be sold to private collectors as a last resort, and again on the basis of an honor-undertaking to make the objects accessible on reasonable request. 

 The Embassy of Cyprus is willing to assist, to the extent it can, with identifying suitable potential buyers in Cyprus or in the United States.

For further details on the Museum’s deaccessioning, please see Toledo Blade article “Toledo Museum of Art selling off over 140 pieces” http://www.toledoblade.com/Art/2017/04/05/Toledo-Museum-of-Art-selling-off-over-140-pieces.html

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