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Foreign Ministry pleased with Commission's report
2002-10-09 18:01:17

Nicosia, Oct 9 (CNA) -- Cyprus Foreign Affairs Minister Ioannis Kasoulides has expressed his ''full satisfaction with the positive decision of the European Commission, which recommends to the European Council the accession of Cyprus and does not differentiate it from the other nine candidate countries''.

In a written statement issued here tonight after the presentation of the enlargement report by the Commission at the European Parliament, Kasoulides says ''it is an important step, necessary to pave the way for the big political struggle until Copenhagen, a struggle that I believe will be won''.

Kasoulides points out that Cyprus' Chief Negotiator with the EU George Vassiliou, his negotiating team, the government departments and the Law Office all ''worked hard for this goal to be successful''. He also praises ''the diplomatic service for its successful outward political effort''.

The minister notes that the House of Representatives ''has contributed invaluably both in harmonisation and political efforts on the parliamentary level'' and thanked ''the society that has embraced and supported the process of negotiations, harmonisation and implementation of the acquis communautaire in Cyprus''.|

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