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Poos:Turkey can forget its EU membership if it annexes northern Cyprus
2002-10-10 15:00:11

By Maria Koniotou -- Brussels, Oct 10 (CNA) - If Turkey annexes the areas of Cyprus it occupies since 1974, it can forget its European Union membership, Jacque Poos, rapporteur of the European Parliament on Cyprus' accession to the European Union, has said.

''You cannot join the EU with an illegal territory annexed'' he said, noting that such an annexation will be illegal and that Cyprus' territorial integrity must be respected.

Poos, who will be visiting Cyprus at the end of the month for meetings with government officials and the parliament, said that there is a momentum now for a political solution in Cyprus, noting that most European Parliament members believe that the best scenario would be for a solution to be reached before accession.

If a solution is not found, Cyprus will be admitted to the EU and the acquis communautaire will be implemented in the northern occupied territory once a solution is found, as was the case with Eastern Germany when the Berlin Wall fell, he added.|

Poos expressed the belief that the UN Secretary General should play a more active role in the peace negotiations for Cyprus after the elections in Turkey.

''I expect that after the elections there will be an intensification of the efforts by the SG'' and a strategic paper will be put on the table for the two sides to take or leave, he added.

Poos noted that the plan should be in conformity with the UN resolutions and comply with the acquis communautaire.

He also underlined that in a solution there should be a clear determination of the competencies of the federal government and the component states.

''There must be democratic control'', Poos said noting that the federal government could be competent for the foreign policy and the monetary policy and other policies such as education, culture, transportation, police could be left to the component states.

Poos also referred to the Belgian model noting that it could be implemented in Cyprus with one federal President, one federal Prime Minister and one Prime Minister for each of the component states.

Replying to questions, he said he did not think the 15 Heads of Governments will give a date for the start of accession negotiations with Turkey at their December summit.

Asked about American pressures on the EU to give a date to Turkey, Poos said that ''there will be pressures from different sides'' but expressed hope that ''the EU will be independent and make its decisions according to its own interests.''

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