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Clerides satisfied with decisions taken in Athens
2002-10-20 08:43:28

Nicosia, Oct 20 (CNA) -- Cyprus President Glafcos Clerides said he did not think that a plan the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan will possibly submit, in the framework of the UN-led talks for Cyprus, would fully meet the positions of either side.

Speaking to the press after his arrival from Athens, where he held talks with the Greek Government and political party leaders, Clerides said he was very satisfied ''with the exchange of views and the decisions we have taken with Greek Government.''

''We looked into two issues. The first one is our course towards the EU - as we are now on the final phase - and of course the Cyprus problem, various possible scenarios, not because we had any information about them,'' President Clerides said, adding that ''we took some unanimous decisions.''

President Clerides also said that UN Secretary General's Special Adviser on Cyprus Alvaro De Soto had told him when they met Thursday, at Larnaca Airport, that the UN Secretary General had not yet decided whether he would submit a plan.

Furthermore the President said that De Soto had not told him that he had discussed a plan during his recent visit to Ankara. Clerides added that from what the Peruvian diplomat told him it seemed that the Turkish side is still insisting on its positions.

Invited to say whether he believes that Cyprus' accession course will be obstructed Clerides said he did not believe there will be any obstacles adding that ''if obstacles appear they will not only be for Cyprus.''

Asked whether the Greek Cypriot side would discuss any plan put forward by the UN, Clerides said ''we will first look at it'' to see if there are issues that can be discussed or not.|

Invited to say whether the UN Secretary General has given any indications under which circumstances he would submit his proposals, Clerides noted that Annan had said that he would submit them, if he decided to do so, after the Turkish elections, ''having in mind the period after November 15.''

''The SG had stressed he had not decided yet. He would wait and see what government will come out of the elections in Turkey'', Clerides added.

Asked whether the Greek Cypriot side is concerned about the plan expected to be submitted Clerides said that ''one should have in mind that a plan might include things we are not going to like,'' adding that ''we don't know what these things are going to be.''

''I don't think that the SG would satisfy the positions of either side as a whole. So one could think that some things may not be as we would want them to be,'' he added.

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