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UN weapons inspectors for Iraq to set up regional HQ in Cyprus
2002-10-23 12:00:02

Nicosia, Oct 23 (CNA) ? Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides announced that United Nations weapons inspectors for Iraq will set up regional headquarters in Cyprus.

He said the decision was approved at today's cabinet meeting and explained that an agreement on the matter had been reached with the United Nations Monitoring Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC).

The Commission was set up in accordance with Security Council resolutions under Chief UN inspector Hans Blix and will undertake sending the weapons inspectors to Iraq, in collaboration with the International Atomic Energy, based in Vienna.|

Kasoulides said the office "will be the base from which UN inspectors will leave for Iraq in accordance with decisions of the Security Council".

Stressing that all necessary provisions have been taken to allow the office to operate on the island, Kasoulides said, "this is another move by Cyprus which stresses the significance of its geographic location. At the same time, Cyprus is cooperating with the UN and the Security Council for the international organisation's mission and objectives".

Kasoulides said the office is expected to operate as soon as possible and added that after today's cabinet decision, the relevant agreement will be signed and the Commission will be able to come to Cyprus.

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