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Registration of Births
2001-09-16 23:29:27

Children born of a Cypriot father in a third country do not acquire the Citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus automatically but have to be registered as such at the nearest Cyprus Consular Office within two years of their date of birth. Registration of Birth at a Consular Office abroad serves both as a Birth Certificate and a Certificate of Cypriot Citizenship (πιστοποιητικό ιθαγένειας).

Applications in respect of children who have exceeded the age limit of two years require the approval of the Minister of Interior. Persons who fail to register their birth before they become 21 years must apply on form M.123 to acquire Cypriot citizenship. This application should only be made after the age of 21.

For the Registration of Birth at a Cyprus Consular Office the following documents are required

Completed and signed form M.121E in duplicate. This form must be signed by the parents of the child and their signature must be certified at the nearest Cyprus Consulate.

Copies of the parents' passports.

Original Birth certificate issued by the appropriate authorities of the country where the child was born.

Notarized statement from both parents that they both agree to register their child's birth.

Original Certificate of Marriage of the child’s parents

The fees for Registration of Birth and issuance of a Birth Certificate are ₤1.00 stamp affixed on the application plus ₤4.00 for the registration of birth (price in US$ depends on the current exchange rate) and may be paid by cash or money order payable to Accountant General of the Republic of Cyprus.

Application Forms can be obtained from the nearest Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus.

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