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Documents required to obtain a Visa
2001-09-16 23:40:47

The following are a list of the documents required to obtain a visa of the Republic of Cyprus.

1. Applicant?s Passport (should be valid for a least six months from the date of arrival in Cyprus).

2. Visa application form, duly completed and signed. The signature of the applicant must be certified by a Notary Public if the application for a visa is submitted by mail.

3. Two passport size (2X2) photographs with the name of the applicant printed at the back.

4. Proof of applicant?s US permanent residency.

5. Round-trip ticket to Cyprus.

6. Letter of reference, if traveling to Cyprus for business.

7. Fees of ? 5.00 (price in US$ depends on current exchange rate), cash or money order payable to the Accountant General of the Republic of Cyprus.

8. If return of the applicant?s passport by mail is desired, please enclose a self-addressed envelope of suitable size with the appropriate postage, or an Express Mail, Federal Express, or other carrier?s packet with prepaid air bill. The Consular office is not responsible for lost or delayed mail.

9. The application for a visa should be submitted to the consular office of the Embassy at least two weeks prior to the applicant?s date of travel.

Application Forms can be obtained from the nearest Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus.

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