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Turkish election result has nothing to do with Cyprus accession,says EU
2002-11-04 14:58:58

By Nicos Bellos Brussels, Nov 4 (CNA) -- The result of the elections in Turkey has nothing to do with Cyprus nor it can affect its European Union (EU) accession course, said here Monday Jean-Christophe Filori, spokesman for Enlargement Commissioner, Gunter Verheugen.

Replying to a question at the daily press briefing, whether the result of the elections in Turkey could affect the candidacy of Cyprus for EU accession, Filori said the result has nothing to do with Cyprus' accession course, which has its own dynamic.

He stressed the European Commission does not intend to alter its view on this issue.|

The European Commission, in a statement reacting to the elections in Turkey, said it "takes note of the outcome of the democratic elections that took place in Turkey and is ready to co-operate with the new government".

It further takes note that the two parties that will be represented in the Grand National Assembly "have clearly indicated that they want to pursue a pro- European policy", adding that the Commission expects Turkey to confirm its commitments to reforms in order to comply with the EU-accession criteria.

Finally it stresses the "Commission will continue to monitor closely the progress made, with particular attention to action taken in practice" as it had done with previous governments in Turkey and with all other candidate countries.

Both the spokespersons of Verheugen and European Commission President Romano Prodi said Turkey was and remains a candidate country for EU accession and that any EU decisions will be taken bearing in mind the Copenhagen economic and political criteria.

The European Commission decided last month that Cyprus, along with nine other candidate countries, could complete accession negotiations by the end of the year.

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