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Embassy News

2002-11-04 18:30:27

QUESTION: I was going to ask how the State Department feels about the elections in Turkey. Does it help you get like-minded states to support use of force against Iraq?
BOUCHER: So after all, there is only one topic. I thought you were asking about something else. Let's not speculate on the future of the Turkish government, but let us, at this point, congratulate the Justice and Development Party on its electoral success in yesterday's parliamentary elections. We also congratulate the Turkish people in demonstrating through their conduct of the election the vibrancy of Turkey's democracy. We await the formation of a new government in Turkey. We look forward to working closely and constructively with a new government.

We note that the parties represented in the new parliament reflect the aspirations of the Turkish people for continued progress on the path towards European Union membership and for the implementation of political and economic reforms. We'll work with the government on these issues, as well as on reaching a settlement in Cyprus.

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