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Cyprus on agenda of US-Turkey talks
2002-11-06 08:20:47

by Demetris Apokis Washington, Nov 6 (CNA) -- The Cyprus question was one of the issues Turkey's military chief, General Hilmi Ozkuk, discussed with US administration officials.

General Ozkuk, commander of Turkey's Army General Command, talked about Cyprus on Tuesday with US Secretary of State Colin Powell, Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice as well as Vice President Dick Cheney.|

The Turkish general refrained from commenting on the content of his discussions but according to reliable sources, Cyprus, Turkey's European Union accession course and the political situation in the country after Sunday's general elections were on the agenda of his meetings with senior US officials.

Turkey, which continues to occupy one third of Cyprus' territory since its toops invaded the island in 1974, is seeking EU membership and wants Brussels to decide on a date for the start of accession negotiations with Ankara.

Successive Turkish governments have so far maintained an intrasigent stance on Cyprus and prevented progress towards a negotiated settlement.

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