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Cyprus welcomes Verheugen's remarks
2002-11-06 08:22:46

Nicosia, Nov 6 (CNA) -- Cyprus Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides has welcomed a statement by European Union Commissioner Gunter Verheugen that the timeframe for Cyprus' accession will be observed, irrespective of the outcome of the UN peace effort to find a negotiated settlement.

The minister also said that Verheugen, whom he met in Brussels on Tuesday, reiterated that the EU will take a decision on Cyprus' accession at its December summit in Copenhagen.

Speaking on his return last night from Brussels, Kasoulides cautioned against drawing any early conclusions from the outcome of Sunday's parliamentary elections in Turkey, saying that decisions about national issues are taken by the National Security Council, where the military play an important role.|

On Tuesday in Brussels, in his address to the EU-Cyprus Joint Parliamentary Committee meeting, Verheugen said the Union does not intend to raise any obstacles to Cyprus' accession if the Greek Cypriot and the Turkish Cypriot sides agree on a settlement between themselves.

He said the EU is in touch with the UN on a political and a technical level with regard to a settlement.

The German EU Enlargement Commissioner said he had not seen any written plan for a solution on Cyprus but expressed certainty that if there is one, it should not be contrary to the acquis communautaire.

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