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What is Required to Issue a New Passport
2001-09-17 00:00:16

1. Application form duly completed and signed.

2. Two recent passport-size photographs, at least one notarized by a Notary Public.

3. Proof of military service or exemption thereof (copy).

4. Certificate of birth (original).

5. Money order in the amount of the ? CY 25.00 (amount in US $ depends on current exchange rate) and made payable to the Accountant-General of the Republic of Cyprus (please note that personal checks are not accepted).

6. Proof of Citizenship.

7. Photocopy of a picture I.D. (i.e. your Cypriot I.D. or U.S. Driver’s License).

8. The issuance of a passport requires a period of TWO MONTHS.

All applications must be sent ahead of time of proposed travel but not before three months prior to the expiration of the passport/certificate of identity.

The onus for the passport reaching the Embassy lies with the applicant; we recommend registered mail when posting passports.

If application is submitted by mail, for quick and accurate delivery, a self-addressed stamped/ prepaid envelope should be send

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