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Accession to the EU a natural progression, says President
2002-11-06 09:37:13

Nicosia, Nov 6 (CNA) -- Cyprus' European orientation is the natural progression of the country's history, culture and traditions, President Glafcos Clerides has said.

He noted that Cyprus, as an EU member, will be the most southern and eastern border of the Union and a link that joins three continents at a particularly pivotal geographic location.

The President outlined these views in his address to a seminar on ''Cyprus before the gates of the EU'', which got underway in Athens today. The address was read by the Republic's Ambassador to Greece Leonidas Pantelides.|

''Our primary objectives as far as foreign policy is concerned are to find a political settlement, through peaceful means, of the Cyprus question that would be viable, just and workable and to see Cyprus join the EU as a fully fledged member,'' the President said.

He expressed hope that Cyprus' accession to the EU would act as a catalyst in the peace effort.

''A solution must be consistent with international law, UN resolutions, international conventions of human rights, the EU acquis communautaire and judgments of the European Court of Human Rights,'' the President said.

He said that such a settlement would benefit not only the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots but it would also contribute substantially to regional peace, security, stability and cooperation among the nations of the region.

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