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Republic of Cyprus should continue to exist, ,says UK MP
2002-11-07 12:37:58

Nicosia, Nov 7 (CNA) ? The Republic of Cyprus must continue as it is in relation to the outside world and must not be succeeded in international law, said Labour member of the House of Commons, Andrew Dismore.

Speaking before the House, Dismore said the state of Cyprus was created in 1960 after "decolonisation and the Republic of Cyprus joined the UN and the Commonwealth and started the European Union accession process".

"That state must not be succeeded in international law, but continue as it is in relation to the outside world", he said, adding that "it would be absurd to suggest otherwise so that Cyprus had to reapply to join the UN, the EU and all the international treaties and obligations to which it is party".

His comments come in the wake of increasing speculation on proposals for a political settlement in Cyprus. The Greek Cypriot side insists that the Republic should be transformed into a bizonal, bicommunal federation as provided by UN resolutions. The Turkish Cypriot side wants to create two separate states on the island.|

The British deputy referred to a proposed UN plan for a Cyprus settlement, noting that "it must be fair and just" and "recognise human rights and abide by UN resolutions: the bicommunal bizonal federation plan and the framework set out in the high-level agreements of 1977 and 1979. It must provide security for both communities, as well as demilitarization", Dismore said.

Dismore said that any "settlement must be based on individual property rights and must recognise the rights of refugees, not retrospectively permit what is now euphemistically called ethnic cleansing".

Labour MP Andy Love and Conservative Nick Hawkins expressed support to the Cyprus cause through interventions during the debate.

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