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Kasoulides: Turkey to heed the call and respect UN resolutions
2002-11-08 15:07:12

By Demetris Apokis-- Washington, Nov 8 (CNA) ? Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides called upon Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot leadership to "heed the call of the international community and respect UN Security Council resolutions and the High Level Agreements which provide for a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation" and a state with a single sovereignty, a single citizenship and a single international personality.

In an article in the quarterly magazine "The National Interest", devoted to American foreign policy and world politics, Kasoulides said the "vision for Cyprus requires a departure from the passions of the past for the best interests of all people on the island, as well as for regional stability".

Entitled "Enforcing all UN Resolutions: The Key to a Cyprus Settlement", Kasoulides' article refers to the recent speeches of President George W. Bush and Secretary General Kofi Annan, delivered before the United Nations General Assembly in September.

He says Turkey, whose military continues to illegally occupy nearly forty percent of Cyprus since 1974, defies UN resolutions by demanding that the international community accept the ''realities'' of the status quo brought about by its aggression.

He referred to the "long series of UN resolutions passed by the General Assembly and binding Security Council decisions" which "have called, inter alia, for the immediate withdrawal of all foreign military forces from the Republic of Cyprus; for the return of all refugees to their homes in safety; and for respect for the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity of Cyprus".|

However, the steps outlined by these resolutions have yet to be implemented by Turkey which contrary to its obligations under the UN Charter, "continues to illegally occupy nearly forty percent of Cyprus, defies these resolutions by demanding that the international community accept the ''realities'' of the status quo brought about by its aggression".

Cyprus has, for a long time, the Foreign Minister said, "advocated full compliance with all UN resolutions, without double standards and exceptions" and agreed with President Bush that such an approach facilitates the achievement of permanent solutions based on objectivity, justice and international legality.

"With regard to Cyprus, we believe that both sides must seize the moment and take advantage of this latest window of opportunity", he said, adding that within the framework provided by Security Council resolutions, "we can and must work together for the achievement of a just and viable settlement to the Cyprus problem".

He said the island's accession to the EU would offer to all its citizens, including Turkish Cypriots, security, social and economic advancement.

Kasoulides indicated that due to the "unique convergence of positive factors, the renewed interest of the international community, the personal involvement and commitment of the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and the momentum generated by Cyprus' progress toward accession to the European Union, we have finally reached a junction where peace is not only possible, but is within reach".

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