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UN insist on deadline
2002-11-18 14:41:37

By Apostolis Zoupaniotis-- United Nations, Nov 18 (CNA) -- The United Nations have refused to comment officially on a Turkish Cypriot request for extra time, in order to prepare a preliminary reaction to a peace plan on a comprehensive settlement in Cyprus, submitted by Secretary General, Kofi Annan.

While Rauf Denktash's senior advisor, Elgun Olgun said that the Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash would not be able to reply today because he is still studying the plan as he recovers in hospital, UN spokesperson, Hua Jiang, said that ''the SG set the date, he had asked the two leaders to give him their reaction to his proposal today and he is now waiting to get these reactions through his special adviser, Alvaro De Soto".

Jiang said "the SG said he will analyze the situation at the end of the day and decide what to do next".|

The spokeswoman said De Soto was scheduled to meet Clerides, "so if we have more information that will be coming through today, we will let you know".

Jiang said that no request has been received so far by the Turkish Cypriot side to meet with either De Soto, or United Nations Undersecretary General for Political Affairs, Sir Kieran Prendergast.

According to Turkish sources, Denktash is feeling better and he reacts to the antibiotics.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Turkish American cardiologist who operated on Denktash, will return to New York on Tuesday from Chicago. After examining Denktash, the doctor will decide if the Turkish Cypriot leader will get a clean bill of health.

The sources said that an antibiotic that was prescribed on Friday, did not work on the fever and new medication was offered and is working well.

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