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Weston: Now is the time to solve the Cyprus problem
2002-11-19 14:58:55

Constantinople, Nov 19 (CNA) ? US State Department Special Coordinator for Cyprus, Thomas Weston, said it now was the time to solve the long- standing problem in Cyprus.

Speaking in Ankara where he held talks with officials of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Weston said that the US wants the two sides to work hard and in a planned and serious way, adding the two sides need to make "reciprocal concessions.'' He also said the UN Secretary General's plan for a Cyprus settlement, "laid the ground for negotiations and to this end, the US strongly supported it.''

Describing the plan as "complex to an astonishing degree," Weston said that they wanted the sides to work more and evaluate the plan seriously, adding that "these things could take some time" but the US want the sides to "finish the job as soon as possible.''|

When he was reminded that the Turkish side was not pleased with the inclusion of maps in the plan, Weston said that there were parts in the plan, which did not satisfy either side.

Referring to the new Turkish government, Weston said that they were pleased with the current course of developments and hoped this would be reflected in the Cyprus question.

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