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Embassy News

2002-11-20 09:56:08

Strasbourg, Nov 20 (CNA) --
Here follows the full text of the approved report on Cyprus by the Eupopean Parliament. It was approved by an overwhelming majority of 505 for and 20 against, with 30 abstentions (see CNA story earlier).
32. Notes with satisfaction that the Commission considers that Cyprus, along with nine other candidate countries, will be able to assume the obligations of membership within the envisaged time frame; considers that, in the run-up to accession, Cyprus must continue its preparations in accordance with the commitments entered into during the negotiations;

33. Shares the hope that a reunited Cyprus under single sovereignty, but with guarantees for the regional autonomy and protection of the interests of both communities, will accede to the EU on the basis of a comprehensive settlement to be achieved before the completion of accession negotiations and that the terms of the accession treaty may reflect this settlement;

34. Welcomes the detailed plan for a political settlement presented to the parties by the Secretary General of the United Nations on November 11 2002; calls on both parties to use the plan as a basis for negotiations and to arrive at a framework agreement to be signed before the Copenhagen European Council; invites the parties involved to examine these proposals thoroughly and objectively and calls on the Commission to certify whether they can provide the basis for a viable and operational settlement in the framework of the European Union in accordance with the acquis communautaire;

35. Recalls, in particular, that this political settlement should enable Cyprus to participate in the decision-making process and the policies of the European Union and to ensure the proper application of EU law; underlines that this implies that the Federal Government and Parliament of Cyprus should be fully functioning entities at international level;

36. Stresses the fact that once a settlement is reached the Government must also ensure full respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in the whole territory of the island;

37. Supports the efforts of the Commission to generate and finance bicommunal projects, and appeals to the northern Cyprus leadership actively to support these efforts and stop any harassment of those who are in favour of a solution and EU membership;

38. Is convinced that in the event of a political solution, a supplementary budgetary effort will be required in order to facilitate the 'catching-up' of the north of the island with the acquis communautaire and to contribute to the reconstruction of the 'buffer zone' as well as areas in most need;

39. Welcomes the fact that opinion polls indicate increasing support among Turkish Cypriots for accession to the EU; welcomes, too, the European engagement of 90 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the north;

40. Urges Turkey, in particular, to lend its full support to efforts to reach a comprehensive settlement this year, in accordance with relevant UN Security Council resolutions;

41. Reiterates its view that, if such a settlement is not achieved within the given time frame, the European Council of Copenhagen should proceed according to the Helsinki conclusions;|

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