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Vassiliou to wrap up last acquis chapters on Monday
2002-11-30 15:16:12

Nicosia, Nov 30 (CNA) - The last round of negotiations on the acquis communautaire chapters of Agriculture and Budget is expected to be wrapped up on Monday in Brussels, signaling the end of the marathon of talks between Cyprus and the EU, the island's Chief Negotiator with the EU George Vassiliou told CNA.

''On Monday, I hope to close the negotiations once and for all'', Vassiliou said, adding that the proposals given to Cyprus on the chapter of Agriculture ''basically meet'' the demands put forward by the people in this sector.|

He explained that on all the points under discussion, ''we have been given positive indications'' and noted that ''the final positions will be given to us on Monday''.

Vassiliou pointed out that there were no points on which substantive negotiations were needed.

Regarding the chapter on Budget, Vassiliou told CNA that ''the work we have left is very detailed and has to do with various estimates and the money we will be given and the money they will receive''.

Cyprus' Chief Negotiator added that ''a lot of progress has been made on these issues too, but discussions are still needed so that we can agree on the amounts''.

He noted there were no ''matters of principle'' to be negotiated here either.

Vassiliou leaves for Brussels tomorrow afternoon and is expected back home on December 3.

Cyprus opened accession negotiations with the EU in 1998.

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