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Denktash to remain in Ankara hospital for up to a week
2002-12-12 15:59:09

Constantinople, Dec 12 (CNA) -- Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash will remain in a university hospital for few more days and up to a week, Ankara University Rector, Professor Nusret Aras, said Thursday.

Denktash, who arrived in Ankara Thursday, underwent medical exams at the Ibni Sina hospital. Aras said Denktash "is well" and is as "healthy as you and I but will stay in hospital for three to five days, a week, to receive treatment for post-operative fatigue and anemia". He added that there are some small problems with the operation wound".|

Denktash underwent open-heart surgery on October 7 at the New York Presbyterian Hospital. He returned to the Turkish-occupied northern part of Cyprus on December 7.

Rector Aras said Denktash's condition "will not prevent him from working. He does not even have to stay in the hospital all the time".

He said ''the careful examinations showed that there is not a problem in his heart,'' stressing that there was no infection in the heart.

Denktash was original scheduled to return to the occupied areas later today.

Professor Aras said the doctors will evaluate the results of the examinations Denktash underwent but he did not think an operation was necessary.


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