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Germany believes the EU has given Turkey an excellent offer
2002-12-13 14:44:02

by Maria Myles-- Copenhagen, Dec 13 (CNA) -- Germany believes that the European Union has given Turkey an excellent offer with regard to its demand for a date to begin accession negotiations with the Union, Peter Wittig told CNA today.

He also said he was confident that talks would resume to find a negotiated settlement in Cyprus.

''Germany thinks that Turkey got an excellent offer with regard to the date for the start of accession negotiations,'' he said, when invited to comment on the failure to reach an agreement on a settlement in Cyprus and the EU's decisions relating to Turkey.

''We had hoped that this historic moment could be seized but I am still confident that talks can continue with a view at finding a negotiated settlement,'' he said.|

Earlier today it was announced that the latest attempt by UN Secretary General's special envoy on Cyprus Alvaro de Soto to get an agreement signed by the Greek Cypriot and the Turkish Cypriot sides did not yield any results.

''There was no negotiation, and de Soto said it was not possible to achieve an agreement on a Cyprus settlement today,'' Cyprus Attorney General Alecos Markides said after today's efforts to clinch a deal.


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