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Kasoulides:SC to express support to Annan's plan
2002-12-18 09:59:55

Nicosia, Dec 18 (CNA) -- Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides has said that deliberations on a UN Security Council statement on Cyprus, expected later today, are proceeding well and dismissed concerns that the statement would link the political settlement with the Republic's accession to the European Union.

Commenting on press reports claiming that Britain had asked the Council to adopt a statement to this effect, Kasoulides said that ''a Security Council statement cannot legally link such matters together'', adding that no such connection would be made in the prospective statement.

He said that those who drafted the statement understand that there could be no connection of these matters and consequently there should be no concerns of this kind.|

Asked if the Security Council will adopt a UN proposal on a comprehensive settlement, Kasoulides replied negatively and said that the Council will express its support to Annan's plan, to the Secretary General himself, to the timetables he has set out and to his good offices mission.

Invited to say whether timetables set out by Kofi Annan would change, Kasoulides said that he did not think it would be productive right now to change the timetables.

''These are the timetables set out by the Secretary General and they are respected,'' he added.

Government Spokesman Michalis Papapetrou referring to the forthcoming Council statement said that at this stage one must call a spade a spade and added that the Council should name those who are responsible for the lack of progress and the absence of a settlement.

Papapetrou said the Security Council will try to maintain the momentum for a settlement, created by Annan's peace plan, and express its support for the Annan's attempts to clinch a settlement by February 28.

''Exactly how this political resolve will be set out, we need to wait until tonight,'' he added.

Commenting on the same reports on British moves about the content of the Council statement, he said Britain and its envoy on Cyprus should not be blamed for everything negative that happens or is said to occur.


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