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Denktash statements in favour of partition, says Christofias
2002-12-23 15:03:09

Nicosia, Dec 23 (CNA) ? The messages which Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash is sending are in favour of partition, said House President Demetris Christofias.

Conveying a message for a "reunited Cyprus, peace and cooperation between the three peoples of Turkey, Greece and Cyprus within the framework of a united Cyprus", Christofias said, "messages of protraction of the division of Cyprus are completely unacceptable".

Christofias was commenting on statements made by Denktash in an interview with a Turkish newspaper, where he demanded a change to the maps under the UN Secretary-General's solution plan, permanent co-presidency, and a strict bizonal state, without the return of refugees, in order to agree to a solution to the Cyprus problem by 28th February.

He also conveyed to Turkish Cypriots a message of peace, friendship and struggle "to reunite our common homeland for a brighter future".|

The House leader said the island's accession to the EU is an important step for Cyprus, which took place with the "complete support and help of Greece".

Christofias said that the UN Secretary-General's plan, which is before us, for a comprehensive settlement to the Cyprus problem, "is hard, ambiguous, and we need to negotiate it with determination and prudence, claiming substantial changes to the points which do not secure the viability and operation of the Cyprus state and the common co-habitation of Greek Cypriots with Turkish Cypriots".

He also expressed the hope that Greece and Cyprus will work together so that a solution is fair and viable. The Greek Cypriot side, he added, "is committed, the soonest possible towards a solution which will defend the unity of Cyprus and not its division.

Annan put forward a revised peace plan last month aimed at reaching a comprehensive settlement to the protracted Cyprus problem.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkish troops invaded and occupied 37 per cent of its territory.


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