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British Bases prepare for possible attack against Iraq
2002-12-30 11:34:27

Nicosia, Dec 30 (CNA) -- The British Bases are taking some precautionary measures to deal with a possible attack against Iraq, deputy press spokesman for the Bases Major Tony Brumwell said here Monday.

Speaking to CNA, Bromwell said the Bases received yesterday supplies of vehicles, vehicle trailers and some ammunition, which will be stored for the time being.|

''At the moment, there are going to be stored, we can't say whether there will be used for training, operations or not at all'', Brumwell said.

He said that a British High Commission spokesman has notified the Cyprus Ministry of Defense about the arrival of these supplies, out of courtesy.

The British Spokesman dismissed press reports that the Bases have increased the number of fighter planes and helicopters on site, noting that ''we couldn't hide a build up of aircraft like that''.

''There is only one aircraft at Akrotiri at the moment,'' he said.

Asked about the role of the Bases in a possible attack against Iraq, Brumwell said that ''no decision has been taken to make any sort of attack'' against Iraq, adding that the Bases have not been told by the British government to prepare for any specific role.

''So what we got to do is begin to plan what that role might be. The role could be very diverse, it could be supporting operations, it could be logistics'', Brumwell said.

Replying to questions, Brumwell said that ''there is no increased alert'' on the Bases and that everything is ''completely normal''.

''We are doing this planning, we take some precaution, in case we are asked'', Bromwell noted.


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