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Opposition growing in occupied areas against Denktash
2003-01-10 12:43:34

Nicosia, Jan 10 (CNA) -- Opposition among Turkish Cypriots against their leader Rauf Denktash's policy on Cyprus is brewing as organisations called for a new rally for next week urging Turkish Cypriots to attend in thousands.

The Platform "This Country is Ours" and the organisations "Joint Vision" announced they will hold a new rally on 14 January for "Peace and EU" in the occupied part of Nicosia at 1100 local time. |

Some 40 thousand Turkish Cypriots attended the 26 December 2002 rally in the occupied area, and organisers called for double the number of people attending.

The Patriotic Unity Movement called on Denktash to "sign the Annan plan or leave", according to today's edition of the weekly "Yeni Cag" newspaper, the movement's mouthpiece.

The newspaper, dedicating its front page to the rally, which will be held on Tuesday, 14 January, said "Come on! Everyone at the rally".

Meanwhile, Head of the Communal Liberation Party, Husseyin Angolemli, called on Denktash to "either resign or implement the policy which complies with the majority's desire" and announce a policy for a solution to the Cyprus problem and his intentions regarding the EU.

Daily "Halkin Sesi" quoted Angolemli as saying that there is lack of will by Denktash to reach an agreement on Cyprus until 28 February (target date set by the UN chief) and stated that either Denktash or his policies should change.

Meanwhile, the Platform "This Country is Ours", in a letter to Denktash, said "Turkish Cypriots no longer trust him".

The letter was presented to a Denktash representative during a rally on Thursday outside the so-called "presidential palace" where demonstrators called on the Turkish Cypriot leader to resign.

According to today's Turkish Cypriot press, strict security measures were taken around the building preventing demonstrators from approaching.

One of "Afrika's" journalists, Memduh Ener, strongly criticised the Denktash policy, prompting a so-called "policeman" of the regime to ask him to stop. Ener stopped, but one of Denktash's advisers, Sabahatin Ismail, claimed the illegal police should have arrested Ener because he "insulted" Denktash, as Ismail claimed.

Ener, together with Afrika's chief editor, Sener Levent, were released from prison last October. An illegal court in the occupied areas had found them ''guilty'' of ''libel'' against Denktash, the Turkish occupation army and ''motherland'' Turkey, and gave them a six-month ''jail sentence''.

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has called on both sides in Cyprus to engage in intensive negotiations to find a comprehensive settlement to the Cyprus problem by 28 February 2003.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkish troops invaded and occupied 37 percent of the island's territory.


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