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Government adopts a ''wait and see'' approach towards Turkey
2003-01-10 12:59:52

Nicosia, Jan 10 (CNA) -- The government will wait and see what the next move by the Turkish government is, before it evaluates statements by Ankara that its policy on Cyprus should be reassessed, Government Spokesman Michalis Papapetrou said here today.

The spokesman did not rule out the possibility of seeing some good coming out of such remarks.|

''Let us wait and see, it will be very interesting to hear what Ankara has to say. The fact that they have already announced a change in their long standing policy on Cyprus appears to be a hopeful sign and I hope our expectations are met,'' Papapetrou said, when invited to comment on a statement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry that its policy on Cyprus should be changed.

He described as ''totally incomprehensible'' attempts to exclude a priori any possibility of a change in Turkey.

''Let us wait a few days. Something good may come out of all this,'' he said.

Turkey, which occupies one third of Cyprus' territory since its troops invaded in 1974, is a candidate for European Union accession and has been told by the EU to put its house in order, respect democratic values and contribute to a political settlement in Cyprus.

UN Secretary General's special adviser on Cyprus Alvaro de Soto is in Turkey today for talks with the government, as a fresh attempt is made to have substantive negotiations on the basis of a UN proposal with a view at finding a comprehensive settlement by the end of February.

CNA MM/ΜΚ/2003

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