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Embassy News Archives - November 2002

Articles Published
Omirou and Izcan believe UN plan can be a basis for negotiations11-30-2002
United Democrats and RTP say UN plan basis for negotiations 11-30-2002
Turkey's National Security Council backs Denktash11-30-2002
Agreement possible on main parts by December, de Soto says 11-30-2002
Kasoulides says Cyprus to join EU even without solution 11-30-2002
Vassiliou says Turkish statement prolongs contradictions 11-30-2002
Papapetrou says response to Annan positive if Turkey sincere 11-30-2002
Vassiliou to wrap up last acquis chapters on Monday11-30-2002
Blair: Cyprus will join EU in any event 11-29-2002
UN remains hopeful for foundation agreement on Cyprus by EU Summit 11-29-2002
WASHINGTON POST, Op-Ed,November 29, 200211-29-2002
Early day motion on peace plan at the House of Commons 11-28-2002
Mass rally in occupied Cyprus calls for solution and accession to EU 11-28-2002
UN wishes to move ahead with Cyprus peace process 11-27-2002
Cyprus solution must be in line with EU principles, says Prodi11-27-2002
Straw urges both sides to respond to Annan's request 11-27-2002
ASSOCIATED PRESS, Wed November 27, 2002 12:58 EST 11-27-2002
ASSOCIATED PRESS,Wed November 27, 200211-27-2002
Erdogan and Persson discuss Cyprus11-27-2002
Denktash prepared to negotiate on Annan plan, UN says 11-27-2002
Rice pledges US efforts will continue towards Denktash 11-27-2002
Denktash prepares document with amendments to Annan plan 11-27-2002
Turkish Cypriots stage rally in occupied Cyprus 11-27-2002
Kasoulides says solution must take into account sensitivities 11-27-2002
President confirms receipt of letter from Annan11-27-2002
Verheugen says decision on Cyprus to be taken in Copenhagen11-27-2002
WASHINGTON POST, November 26, 2002 11-26-2002
Greek FM Papandreou Holds News Briefing Following White House Meeting11-26-2002
Security Council extends UNFICYP mandate 11-26-2002
European Commission prefers solution before accession11-26-2002
US wants to see process on Cyprus moving promptly 11-26-2002
Kasoulides: time is very vital for agreement 11-26-2002
UN give clarifications on proposal 11-26-2002
AHEPA President says Annan's plan provides hope for Cyprus' future 11-26-2002
Cyprus to close two remaining acquis chapters by next week 11-26-2002
Cox says two sides must grasp historic opportunity 11-26-2002
Van der Meer: Advantages to linking solution with accession11-25-2002
DISY and RTP believe UN plan can be a basis for negotiations 11-25-2002
Markides says Denktash unlikely to reply 11-25-2002
Last Nativity Church Palestinian leaves Cyprus 11-25-2002
Kasoulides says Turkey in no hurry for solution11-25-2002
UN wants a reply from Denktash the soonest 11-25-2002
Associated Press, November 24, 2002 11-24-2002
REUTERS, NOVEMBER 23, 200211-24-2002
Thomas Miller: US totally supports Anan's peace plan11-24-2002
Financial Times (London), November 22, 200211-23-2002
REUTERS, November 21, 200211-22-2002
Annan stands by his timetable on Cyprus 11-22-2002
UN still has no answer from Denktash 11-21-2002
President receives British envoy 11-21-2002
Kofi Annan to consult with top envoy on Cyprus 11-21-2002
De Soto hopes T/C will come soon with their reaction 11-21-2002
Kasoulides: G/C side will not tolerate any further delay by others 11-20-2002
UN still have no answer from Denktash, sources say he returns to Cyprus 11-20-2002
Lord Hannay: Crucial time in efforts to solve Cyprus problem 11-20-2002
British Premier tells Erdogan he expects progress on Cyprus 11-20-2002
Turkish Cypriot side still not able to respond to Annan 11-20-2002
Annan says his document could provide sound basis for agreement 11-20-2002
Blix and ElBaradei praise Cyprus' role in hosting office11-20-2002
European Parliament welcomes UN plan on Cyprus 11-20-2002
Annan very concerned by delay 11-19-2002
Danish EU presidency welcomes Annan's decision to submit plan11-19-2002
Weston: Now is the time to solve the Cyprus problem 11-19-2002
Annan still hopeful for an agreement before Copenhagen 11-19-2002
AKEL and T/C PUM support negotiations on Annan plan 11-19-2002
UN has not yet received reply from Denktash 11-19-2002
US Senate approves Cyprus EU resolution 11-19-2002
BOSTON GLOBE, NOVEMBER 17, 2002 11-18-2002
De Soto receives Clerides' timely reply, Spokesman says deadlines have 11-18-2002
1st of May set for EU enlargement day 11-18-2002
UN insist on deadline11-18-2002
National Council recommends talks on UN proposal 11-18-2002
Clerides: Clarifications and modifications of some issues required 11-17-2002
Weston looks forward to intensive good work and a good result for Cyprus 11-16-2002
Simitis and Clerides analyse and assess UN plan 11-16-2002
Commission Vice President hopes united Cyprus to enter EU 11-16-2002
AKEL to discuss Annan plan, opposes timetable proposed 11-16-2002
Simitis and Bush pledge strong support for Annan's efforts on Cyprus 11-16-2002
Clerides: Athens talks will decide strategy on Annan's plan 11-16-2002
Weston: US attach great deal of urgency to Cyprus solution now11-15-2002
THE ECONOMIST-November 16 11-15-2002
Annan: there is a real chance for settlement11-14-2002
Australia hopes UN initiative will help settlement 11-14-2002
EU group calls on Commission to assess UN plan 11-14-2002
UN weapons inspectors team in Cyprus 11-14-2002
UN says Nov 18th deadline still on 11-14-2002

Japan welcomes UN initiative on Cyprus settlement 11-13-2002
G/C and T/C leaders say UN plan must be studied carefully 11-13-2002
G/C and T/C leaders hope for settlement soon11-13-2002
Financial Times (London) November 13, 2002,11-13-2002
Kasoulides: Initially, we will negotiate plan 11-13-2002
France calls on both parties in Cyprus to redouble efforts 11-13-2002
Powell calls on both sides to study UN plan carefully 11-13-2002
Denktash says UN plan contains negative and positive points 11-12-2002
Council to meet Nov 18 to give final position on Annan document11-12-2002
Greek government says plan is starting point for negotiations 11-12-2002
US Ambassador urges two sides to seize opportunity for settlement 11-12-2002
Cox says all stops must be pulled for a settlement before December 11-12-2002
European Commission welcomes UN plan for Cyprus settlement11-12-2002
REUTERS-November 12, 200211-12-2002
The Guardian (London) November 12, 200211-12-2002
BBC- November 12,2002-UN unveils last-ditch Cyprus peace plan11-12-2002
UN proposal ''balanced'', says EU Commissioner 11-12-2002
UN plan aims at signing of agreement in Copenhagen 11-12-2002
REUTERS-UN Recommends Swiss Model for Unified Cyprus11-11-2002
UN Chief calls on leaders in Cyprus to consider document 11-11-2002
US STATE DEPARTMENT:Press Statement-Richard Boucher, Spokesman11-11-2002
Reuters: UN Releases Plan for Unified Cyprus11-11-2002
Simitis: Annan proposal is an historical opportunity for Cyprus 11-11-2002
We will study UN proposals in their entirety, says President 11-11-2002
Straw says now is best chance to solve Cyprus problem 11-11-2002
UN Presents New Cyprus Peace Plan Before EU Summit11-11-2002
Clerides: UN expects reply to proposals in seven days 11-11-2002
Annan to make statement on Cyprus, to meet Bush in Washington 11-11-2002
Olgun says UN blueprint is not "take it or leave it" kind of document11-11-2002
Security Council to convene tonight 11-11-2002
De Soto delivers blueprint to Clerides 11-11-2002
De Soto delivers UN blueprint to Clerides 11-11-2002
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel November 10, 2002 11-11-2002
Commission expects notification on UN blueprint11-11-2002
UN solution plan basis for negotiations, says Athens 11-11-2002
UN inspectors team in Cyprus 11-11-2002
President confers with advisers 11-11-2002
Annan informs leaders on meeting with envoys 11-10-2002
President: Kyrenia ship symbol of will to reunite Cyprus11-10-2002
UN solution plan to be handed probably Monday, says Minister 11-09-2002
Solution plan on Cyprus to be handed over on Monday, sources said 11-08-2002
Denktash's return to Cyprus delayed as doctors remove one tube only 11-08-2002
Commission in touch with UN Chief on Cyprus solution plan 11-08-2002
Kasoulides: Turkey to heed the call and respect UN resolutions 11-08-2002
Eckhard: Annan close to a decision on plan, consults leaders11-08-2002
Spokesman says no change in Turkish policy 11-08-2002
Clerides prefers solution plan to be submitted after elections 11-08-2002
Decision to submit solution plan to be made in the next 24 hours 11-08-2002
Under Secretary of State Grossman remarks on Cyprus and Turkey11-07-2002
Papapetrou: Government has detailed information on settlers11-07-2002
Republic of Cyprus should continue to exist, ,says UK MP11-07-2002
Government regrets Erdogan's visit to occupied areas11-07-2002
Clerides: Annan will decide this week on solution plan 11-07-2002
Clerides: Attention should remain focused on two major goals 11-07-2002
Enforcing all UN Resolutions: The Key to a Cyprus Settlement11-06-2002
KISOS and RTK want solution before accession 11-06-2002
Eckhard: Annan is considering his options for Cyprus 11-06-2002
Rasmussen: accession negotiations to be completed, 11-06-2002
Accession to the EU a natural progression, says President 11-06-2002
Kofi Annan undecided on Cyprus11-06-2002
Cyprus welcomes Verheugen's remarks 11-06-2002
Cyprus on agenda of US-Turkey talks 11-06-2002
Cyprus willing to adopt the euro 11-06-2002
European Parliament Committee adopts draft proposal on Cyprus 11-06-2002
Government expects solution plan 11-06-2002
Issue of illegal settlers on peace talks agenda, says spokesman 11-06-2002
Verheugen: Agreement must be consistent with acquis 11-05-2002
Clerides sends letter to Kofi Annan 11-05-2002
Year 2002 is real opportunity for Cyprus, says UN Spokesman 11-05-2002
Papandreou pledges Greece's unwavering support 11-05-2002
IMF draft report on Cyprus ready 11-04-2002
Papandreou, Grossman call for Cyprus settlement11-04-2002
Foreign Minister, House President on Turkish elections 11-04-2002
Turkish election result has nothing to do with Cyprus accession,says EU 11-04-2002
Solution plan for Cyprus should be ''appropriate,'' says US official 11-04-2002
Greece hopes new Turkish government works for Cyprus solution 11-04-2002
US Assistant Secretary of State to visit Cyprus11-01-2002
FINANCIAL TIMES--Editorial11-01-2002
Kasoulides: Plan possibly submitted after Turkish elections 11-01-2002
Kasoulides recipient of French support to Cyprus' EU accession 11-01-2002
Congressman Pallone urges Turkey to change stance on Cyprus 11-01-2002
Clerides: no unacceptable concessions for Cyprus' EU accession 11-01-2002