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Embassy News Archives - December 2002

Articles Published
UN prepare for talks and work of committees 12-31-2002
Papandreou hopes for Cyprus settlement by end of February 12-30-2002
Authorities monitor closely situation in Turkish occupied north 12-30-2002
British Bases prepare for possible attack against Iraq 12-30-2002
Denktash under pressure for settlement, says Spokesman 12-30-2002
Government describes "astonishing political event" TC rally12-27-2002
Presidential Elections- Voting Abroad12-27-2002
Kasoulides criticises Denktash demands12-23-2002
Denktash statements in favour of partition, says Christofias 12-23-2002
Clerides' reply to Annan not expected today 12-23-2002
Clerides determined to continue peace talks 12-23-2002
Weston sees greater possibilities for agreement 12-23-2002
President to reply to SG by Monday12-20-2002
Spokesman:Denktash's statements reflect differences of opinion 12-20-2002
US: Cyprus agreement can be achieved by February 28 12-20-2002
FINANCIAL TIMES, December 16, 200212-19-2002
The Washington Times, December 19, 200212-19-2002
Verheugen: Cyprus accession irreversible, unconditional 12-19-2002
US and EU think a Cyprus settlement still possible 12-19-2002
UN SG - letters - Cyprus12-19-2002
Rasmussen urges all parties to find Cyprus settlement 12-18-2002
Papandreou hopes for a reunited Cyprus to enter the EU 12-18-2002
Cyprus urges Turkey and Denktash to listen to T/C calls 12-18-2002
Kasoulides:SC to express support to Annan's plan 12-18-2002
Clerides to proclaim presidential elections on January 3rd 12-18-2002
AHEPA hails EU decision on Cyprus12-18-2002
US welcomes EU decision on Cyprus 12-18-2002
No hint by Annan on his next Cyprus move 12-17-2002
UN Security Council to discuss Cyprus on Wednesday12-17-2002
Spokesman says outcome of reactions to determine solution 12-16-2002
Van der Meer says February 28 second window of opportunity 12-16-2002
Kasoulides says Annan plan can be improved 12-16-2002
Foreign Office welcomes continuation of Cyprus talks 12-16-2002
Political parties welcome decision for Cyprus' EU accession 12-16-2002
Clerides decides Tuesday on measures for Turkish Cypriots 12-16-2002
RTP demands Denktash's resignation 12-15-2002
De Soto to brief Tuesday UN Security Council on Cyprus12-14-2002
Clerides receives hero's welcome on return from EU Council 12-14-2002
Cyprus joins European Union12-13-2002
Copenhagen European Council. Presidency Conclusions 12-13-2002
Germany believes the EU has given Turkey an excellent offer 12-13-2002
President Clerides announces accession and pledges to strive for solution12-13-2002
UN envoy informs Rasmussen on Cyprus efforts 12-13-2002
Annan: Cyprus talks will continue12-13-2002
Cypriot official: Cyprus problem cannot be solved today12-13-2002
UN: Unprecedented progress must be consolidated to reach solution 12-13-2002
Turkish Cypriots demonstrate as UN talks fail12-13-2002
US envoy: Still time to get Cyprus comprehensive settlement 12-13-2002
Papandreou says draft EU conclusions Cyprus ''fully satisfactory" 12-13-2002
EU to take final decision on Cyprus today 12-12-2002
EU decision on Turkey in late 2004, Cyprus not a criterion 12-12-2002
Rasmussen says Cyprus issue will not block EU enlargement 12-12-2002
Rasmussen says Cyprus issue will not block EU enlargement 12-12-2002
Eckhard confirms Annan not to travel to Copenhagen 12-12-2002
Gul wants 2003 date, Simitis says 2004 12-12-2002
Denktash to remain in Ankara hospital for up to a week 12-12-2002
UN continues to work for Cyprus agreement, says UN envoy12-12-2002
Annan remains hopeful Copenhagen will yield positive results 12-12-2002
Christofias says EU not giving in to Turkey complicates matters 12-12-2002
WALL STREET JOURNAL, Commentary, December 11, 200212-11-2002
Papandreou says messages from Turkish side not encouraging 12-11-2002
Greek Cypriot side ready for solution but Spokesman not optimistic 12-11-2002
UN hope Copenhagen to provide deadline for Cyprus agreement12-11-2002
Clerides: Accession and solution are two different issues 12-11-2002
The US believes UN's revised version should lead to rapid agreement on Cyprus12-10-2002
National Council discusses UN Chief's revised Cyprus plan12-10-2002
UN has no objection to dealing with a Denktash representative 12-10-2002
UN envoy: It's up to the parties to decide on revised text 12-10-2002
Address by Adriaan van der Meer, Head of EU Delegation in Cyprus12-10-2002
Clerides will sign solution if it serves public interest, says spokesman12-10-2002
EU countries support Franco-German proposal on Turkey 12-10-2002
EU FMs say Cyprus will enter EU with or without solution12-10-2002
UN chief sends letter to Clerides and Denktash 12-10-2002
UN trying to bridge gaps between two sides in revised text 12-09-2002
UN envoy does not know when revised text to be submitted 12-09-2002
Cyprus officially first to conclude EU accession negotiations 12-09-2002
Annan says revised text on Cyprus to be ready shortly 12-09-2002
President sees Alvaro de Soto12-09-2002
Pat Cox: no external veto on Cyprus' accession 12-09-2002
Cox: Bring reconciling Cyprus into reconciling Europe12-09-2002
Cox: now we must push for the best solution 12-09-2002
Cox says remaining days to Copenhagen are indispensable12-08-2002
UN continues talks with two sides 12-08-2002
Kasoulides sees possibility of agreement on procedure12-08-2002
UN may submit revised proposal, says Kasoulides 12-07-2002
The Christian Science Monitor , December 6, 200212-06-2002
UN envoy to be principle go-between to encourage dialogue12-06-2002
Markides calls for unity in view of developments12-06-2002
Denktash says solution impossible if Cyprus accedes to EU 12-06-2002
Denktash flies home 12-06-2002
UN envoy says Cyprus talks entering new phase 12-06-2002
Greek Cypriot side hands letter to UN12-05-2002
Vassiliou announces official closing of acquis chapters12-05-2002
Turkish Cypriot side apologises for delay 12-05-2002
Government begins digging for Turkish Cypriot missing12-05-2002
Greek Cypriot side withdraws reply to UN chief 12-05-2002
Clerides withdraws reply to Annan 12-05-2002
Papandreou and Yakis want Cyprus settlement before Copenhagen 12-05-2002
Grossman and Papantoniou discuss Cyprus 12-05-2002
Denktash returns to Hotel, Ekhard says UN received no submissions yet12-04-2002
Danish Presidency and Prodi hope for Cyprus settlement before Copenhagen12-04-2002
President will say when he hands letter to Annan 12-04-2002
Kasoulides says Denktash not to reply to Annan today 12-04-2002
Cyprus concludes accession negotiations 12-04-2002
Grossman: First commit to Annan's vision and then negotiate12-04-2002
UN hope for replies by tomorrow on changes to solution plan 12-04-2002
Annan: There is still time to conclude an agreement on Cyprus 12-03-2002
Moeller: EU to consider all relevant factors on Cyprus 12-03-2002
Straw: UN proposals best opportunity for a prosperous Cyprus 12-03-2002
National Council agrees on letter to Annan 12-03-2002
Wolfowitz: US support urgent and lasting solution to Cyprus12-03-2002
Cyprus closes Agriculture chapter, Budget to close today 12-03-2002
UN expects replies possibly today, says spokesman 12-03-2002
Cyprus on US agenda in Turkey 12-03-2002
NEW YORK TIMES, OP-ED, December 2, 200212-02-2002
Danish FM to visit Greece and Turkey 12-02-2002
FM: UN blueprint addresses certain concerns of both sides12-02-2002
Clerides: We are heading towards accession 12-01-2002
ASSOCIATED PRESS, December 1st, 2002 12-01-2002