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Embassy News Archives - March 2003

Articles Published
Visits to Cyprus should be considered safe03-31-2003
Government condemns Molotov cocktail bomb incident 03-31-2003
Report says Turkish Cypriot journalists still harassed 03-31-2003
Hadjidemetriou accepts chief negotiator post 03-31-2003
Spokesman says peace talks to remain within UN framework03-31-2003
Government studying measures for Turkish Cypriots03-31-2003
US ambassador pleased with police response over Molotov incident03-31-2003
Cyprus offers assistance to Iraqi people 03-31-2003
Spokesman responds to Turkish statements 03-31-2003
Britain deplores "arrests" in occupied Cyprus03-31-2003
Cyprus hopes for objective report on peace process 03-31-2003
Travel to Cyprus is safe, says government 03-31-2003
Iacovou: No other document can be incorporated into Accession Treaty 03-31-2003
Turkish Cypriots determined to fight for solution and EU accession 03-27-2003
Two more Congressmen speak out on the Collapse of the Talks03-27-2003
UN Humanitarian Office doing its best to deliver aid to Iraq 03-27-2003
UN Cyprus envoy briefs ''big five''03-27-2003
Turkish Cypriots determined to fight for solution and EU accession 03-27-2003
Appeal by House President for freedom in occupied Cyprus03-27-2003
Pat Cox calls for tolerance in Turkish-occupied Cyprus 03-27-2003
Verheugen sees new rendezvous for Cyprus settlement03-27-2003
British Bases host injured from Iraqi crisis03-27-2003
US Ambassador: Heavy anti-tactics against T/C not understood 03-27-2003
Spokesman: delicate consultations ongoing at UN03-27-2003
Cyprus government condemns T/C "arrests" 03-27-2003
Illegal police in occupied areas stops referendum, "arrests" people03-27-2003
US Congresspersons send letter to Bush on Cyprus 03-27-2003
Euro MP warns Turkey about EU obligations03-27-2003
Commission asks Turkey to support Cyprus peace efforts 03-24-2003
Spokesman says no change of Turkish policy on Cyprus at present 03-24-2003
Annan remains at disposal of two sides in Cyprus, says Beglitis 03-24-2003
Cox expresses regret over failure of Cyprus peace talks 03-22-2003
Christofias attends EU lunch and discusses Cyprus question 03-22-2003
EU officials say Cyprus to sign EU Accession Treaty next month 03-22-2003
European Council adopts conclusions on Cyprus 03-22-2003
Cox says Cyprus to sign Accession Treaty without problems03-22-2003
US granted use of Cyprus' airspace 03-20-2003
Da Silva: Ability to mount humanitarian response is required for Iraq 03-18-2003
Cyprus a safe country, says the government 03-18-2003
Cyprus briefs foreign diplomats on peace talks deadlock 03-17-2003
Christofias: Success of renewed Cyprus effort depends on UN's stance 03-17-2003
Cyprus to become a humanitarian aid centre for Iraq 03-17-2003
Cyprus not in the high-risk zone says Kazamias 03-17-2003
CYPRUS UPDATE, MARCH 14, 200303-14-2003
Cyprus to become a humanitarian aid centre for Iraq 03-14-2003
US still committed to a Cyprus settlement 03-14-2003
Cyprus: UN report must allocate responsibility 03-14-2003
Foreign Minister in Brussels summit 03-14-2003
US House members blame Turkish side for failure of Cyprus talks03-14-2003
Washington Post criticises Denktash's stance at UN-led talks 03-14-2003
Annan: We had to give up efforts 03-14-2003
Simitis: no European prospect for Turkey without Cyprus solution 03-13-2003
EU: no direct negotiations with Turkish Cypriot regime03-13-2003
Government will not break away from UN framework on Cyprus03-13-2003
FM: UN Security Council will not abandon Cyprus 03-13-2003
Annan: One side is to blame for Cyprus deadlock03-13-2003
Government satisfied with UN stance, says Spokesman 03-12-2003
UN: Papadopoulos showed willingness, Denktash rejected plan 03-12-2003
US expresses regret over Cyprus deadlock 03-12-2003
Papadopoulos returns from Hague dissapointed but determined 03-11-2003
Britain: Denktash to blame for breakdown of talks in The Hague03-11-2003
EU expresses regret over Cyprus talks, accession to go ahead 03-11-2003
Hannay blames T/C leader for Cyprus deadlock 03-11-2003
Press statement by UN Secretary-General on Cyprus (Full text)03-11-2003
Papadopoulos ready to continue for solution despite today's failure 03-11-2003
OP-ed In the International Herald Tribune by Kofi Annan, UNSG03-10-2003
Sides in Cyprus not given answer to UN chief yet03-10-2003
UN chief meets Papadopoulos and Denktash in The Hague 03-10-2003
Greek Cypriot side ready to submit draft legislation to UN03-10-2003
Annan believes peace plan last chance for united Cyprus in EU 03-10-2003
The Washington Times, Article by President Tassos Papadopoulos03-10-2003
President leaves for The Hague to meet UN chief 03-09-2003
Reply to Annan to be decided in The Hague 03-09-2003
Further negotiation may not lead to progress, says top UN envoy 03-09-2003
Spokesman:we may decide on our reply at The Hague 03-07-2003
UN envoy: no plans for week-long meetings in The Hague 03-07-2003
Papadopoulos: our reply to the UN Secretaty-General will be clear 03-06-2003
UN: leaders can still make refinements to Annan plan until 25 March 03-06-2003
Politicians say blood donation for T/C girl brings communities closer 03-06-2003
Schedule of The Hague meeting announced 03-06-2003
Possible economic consequences from Iraqi war are reversible, says 03-06-2003
Papadopoulos in Athens to meet Simitis 03-06-2003
Britain urges Cypriots to seize chance for settlement03-06-2003
Russia reaffirms Cyprus solution based on UN resolutions 03-06-2003
Klosson: The future belongs not to terrorists 03-06-2003
Britain's Cyprus envoy to be in The Hague for meeting 03-06-2003
Blood donation brings two sides together03-06-2003
Turkish Cypriot leader slammed by press over property rights 03-06-2003
Greek FM to be in The Hague for Cyprus and Iraq 03-06-2003
Decision to take into account interests of Cyprus, says President 03-05-2003
Secretary General sends letters to guarantor powers 03-05-2003
De Soto says the two sides are expected to reply in writing 03-05-2003
National Council to accompany the President to Τhe Hague 03-05-2003
EU Commission announces preparatory Donors Conference03-05-2003
Annan urges Cyprus parties to say "yes" to referenda 03-05-2003
With or without solution Cyprus will accede EU, says Verheugen03-04-2003
Spokesman says National Counc not expected to reply to Annan yet03-04-2003
Papadopoulos hopes there is still room for changes in UN plan03-04-2003
Spokesman says National Counc not expected to reply to Annan yet 03-04-2003
Spokesman says Turkey presenting conflicting policy 03-03-2003
US to do everything possible for a 'yes' response to referenda 03-02-2003
US support UN initiative on Cyprus 03-01-2003
New Cyprus Cabinet appointed 03-01-2003
Position of G/C side on referendum independent of T/C side's reply 03-01-2003