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Embassy News Archives - November 2003

Articles Published
Papadopoulos:No other prospect for Cyprus solution apart from Annan Plan11-28-2003
Ros-Lehtinen: Window of opportunity for Cyprus solution still open11-28-2003
Greece-Cyprus believe Ankara consolidates Denktash's intransigence11-26-2003
USCongressmen seek positive steps from Turkey11-26-2003
Euro Parliamentarian warns Turkey over Cyprus11-26-2003
US senior official discusses Cyprus with EU11-26-2003
Cyprus population increases11-25-2003
Cypriot elected IMO Assembly Vice President11-25-2003
Security Council extends UNFICYP mandate11-24-2003
Papadopoulos sends message of condolences to Britain11-24-2003
Cypriot President strongly condemns terrorist attacks in Istanbul11-24-2003
Cyprus FM condemns new terrorist attacks in Istanbul11-24-2003
Bayraktar Mosque in Nicosia to reopen11-21-2003
Cyprus government expresses satisfaction with US interest in Cyprus11-21-2003
Ereli: We urge parties to resume negotiations on Annan plan basis11-21-2003
US envoy concerned over impact by Erdogan's visit in occupied Cyprus11-21-2003
Turkish Cypriot ''opposition'' leaders meet Pat Cox11-18-2003
UN Ambassador calls international community to support UNSG's mission11-18-2003
No change in Annan's view on Cyprus deadlock responsibility11-18-2003
Annan calls for six-month extension of UN peacekeeping force in Cyprus11-17-2003
Spokesman says Erdogan's visit a provocation11-17-2003
Cyprus condemns bomb attacks against synagogues in Turkey11-17-2003
Verheugen says no EU talks for Turkey with Cyprus issue pending11-17-2003
Cyprus condemns attack against Italians in Iraq11-13-2003
Cypriot Spokesman says Turkish General's statements show true face of occupat11-13-2003
CoE Ministers' Deputies adopt interim resolution on Loizidou vs Turkey case11-13-2003
CoE Committee orders Turkey to compensate Loizidou11-13-2003
Cypriot Defence Minister: Turkey's accession passes through Cyprus11-06-2003
US backs Commission's language on Cyprus in Turkey's paper11-06-2003
Government satisfied with Commission reports on Cyprus and Turkey11-05-2003
Foreign Ministry welcomes Commission report on Cyprus11-05-2003
Verheugen: Commission sees link between Turkey's accession and Cyprus11-05-2003
EU Commission President hopes to see a unified Cyprus entering the EU11-05-2003
EU warns Turkey of serious problems, if no Cyprus settlement reached11-05-2003
New Cyprus Ambassador to US meets Powell11-05-2003
EU Commission report on Cyprus released11-05-2003
Cyprus Cabinet approves funds for Iraq11-05-2003
Cypriot FM hopes for clear message to Turkey by EU countries11-05-2003
Nepal police members join UNFICYP11-04-2003
Cyprus Government believes Erdogan backs Denktash11-03-2003
Papadopoulos: Turkish stance might change if T/C opposition wins11-03-2003
Cyprus counts on international efforts to save its cultural heritage11-03-2003
Cypriot FM expects developments in Cyprus during 200411-03-2003