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Embassy News Archives - November 2004

Articles Published
Cypriot Minister cautious over EU Summit draft conclusions 11-30-2004
President says Cyprus to pursue best wording at EU summit 11-30-2004
Bishop calls for unity during Apostle Andreas feast day liturgy 11-30-2004
US State Department: Turkey should be given a date for accession talks11-30-2004
EU Dutch Presidency delivers draft conclusions on Turkey 11-29-2004
Cyprus' main interlocutor is Turkey, stresses Cyprus Spokesman 11-29-2004
Cyprus has right to veto Turkey's EU course, notes Spokesman 11-29-2004
Slovak President: Inconceivable for Ankara not to recognize the Cyprus Republic 11-29-2004
Kofi Annan has not changed his position on Cyprus, says his spokesman11-29-2004
Sweden and Finland open embassies in Nicosia 11-29-2004
German official says Ankara must recognise Cyprus Republic11-29-2004
Cyprus says Turkey has many Copenhagen criteria obligations11-29-2004
EU advises Turkey to sign customs union protocol 11-24-2004
Cyprus has defined its course of action in view of EU December summit11-24-2004
Congress members express concern to Powell over Cyprus policy11-23-2004
Spokesman says Cyprus aspires to participate in all EU policies11-23-2004
House President says Turkey's EU course passes through Cyprus11-23-2004
US Congressman hopes Turkish side follows suit in de-mining process 11-22-2004
Cyprus outlines to EU positions on Turkey's EU prospects11-22-2004
Foreign Minister outlines Cyprus question aspects discussed with EU11-22-2004
G/C and T/C to establish working groups on environmental issues11-22-2004
Turkish intention to lift minefields positive, Cyprus government says11-19-2004
Cyprus believes cooperation with Turkey in common interest11-19-2004
Commerce Minister says Cyprus can be a base for italian businesses11-19-2004
Press Release: De-mining Effort Begins in Cyprus 11-18-2004
Keravnos outlines Cyprus' advantages as foreign business centre11-18-2004
No plans for commercial flights to occupied Cyprus11-18-2004
Unacceptable to grant Turkey a date without Cyprus recognition, EU official says11-18-2004
Cyprus President to hold talks with Berlusconi11-18-2004
Cyprus protests to UN over violations by Turkish military planes 11-18-2004
Cyprus records best new EU member rates in inflation11-17-2004
American Airlines decides not to launch direct flights to occupied Cyprus11-17-2004
Unilateral de-mining in buffer zone begins 11-17-2004
British Minister says Annan plan is "dead" 11-17-2004
Cyprus Agriculture Minister to visit Athens, Brussels and Vienna11-17-2004
''Women in the Cypriot communities'' book launched11-16-2004
Cyprus President to visit Italy11-16-2004
The Washington Times Prints AHI Letter11-15-2004
Cyprus House President condemns UDI, pledges to work for solution11-15-2004
Chinese delegation arrives for official visit11-15-2004
Spokesman: Turkey not absolved of crime against Cyprus11-15-2004
Students condemn pseudostate anniversary11-15-2004
Athens pleased with Karamanlis' visit to Cyprus11-15-2004
Cyprus pledges to continue solidarity with Palestinian people11-15-2004
Greek Premier: Greece remains dedicated to Cyprus settlement11-12-2004
Cyprus President: Turkey must comply with its obligations towards EU and Cyprus 11-12-2004
Greece and Cyprus support Turkey's european aspirations11-12-2004
Cyprus & Greece agree Turkey must fulfill obligations towards EU & Cyprus 11-12-2004
Cyprus to be represented at Arafat's funeral 11-12-2004
Greek Premier says Cyprus efforts will continue with same intensity11-12-2004
Cyprus President: Arafat's death leaves an irreplaceable gap11-11-2004
World War victims remembered in Cyprus11-11-2004
House Speaker & Greek FM decide to intensify efforts on Cyprus problem11-11-2004
Cyprus FM tells Turkey: "Help us to help you..." 11-10-2004
AFP Seminar for Med journalists to be held in Cyprus 11-10-2004
CMP wants progress to be achieved on missing persons’ issue11-09-2004
Government: no protest to US with regard to illegal flight11-09-2004
British MPs discuss prospects for Cyprus solution 11-09-2004
Cyprus FM: No issue of recognition of pseudostate by US 11-09-2004
Klosson: US interested in expanding Cyprus-US business ties 11-08-2004
Cypriot FM: No prospect for resumption of Cyprus negotiations11-08-2004
Defence Minister: Turkey cannot yet be considered European state11-08-2004
No similarity between FYROM and occupation regime, says Cyprus President11-05-2004
High-ranking delegation from Green Party to Cyprus11-05-2004
Papadopoulos:Committee examines Turkey's EU accession negotiations 11-05-2004
Cyprus President condemns US initiative to recognize FYROM11-05-2004
Cyprus President: we want US effort on Cyprus to be continued11-04-2004
Cyprus President congratulates George Bush11-04-2004
Britain's former envoy says Cyprus settlement inevitable11-03-2004
Cypriot Ambassador: Cyprus' division obstacle to human rights11-03-2004
US policy on Cyprus not subject to change of US government11-03-2004
Confusion over US dollar issue in Cyprus, Spokesman says11-02-2004
Cyprus consents to temporary detour road by occupation forces11-02-2004
EU Commission to amend Green Line Regulation 11-02-2004
State Department: US does not bribe people with public money for political ends11-02-2004
President Papadopoulos to visit Belgium and Italy11-01-2004
Cyprus President: EU Constitution offers stronger basis to solve Cyprus problem11-01-2004